Race, Bias, and Equity Initiative

“Whether individual or institutional, racism and bias is antithetical to the core mission of excellent higher education. Our universities and colleges must be places of equality and achievement driven by discovery and difficult conversations.”

– President Joyce McConnell

The Race, Bias, and Equity Initiative at Colorado State University was announced by President Joyce McConnell on Sept. 19, 2019, at the Fall Address and Community Picnic. The initiative aims to implement actionable plans to address issues of race (and racism), bias, and equity at CSU and to empower all members of our campus community to learn, work, live and recreate in a safe and welcoming environment.

President McConnell’s mandates for the Race, Bias, and Equity Initiative are clear:

  • It will include CSU students, faculty, and staff at every step, from soliciting their ideas to measuring their experience of positive impact;
  • It will encompass both short-term and long-term actions;
  • Efforts will be at the individual and institutional level, with an emphasis on systemic efforts that effect demonstrable, permanent change.