The Race, Bias and Equity Initiative is open to proposals from current CSU students, faculty and staff. We want to hear your voices and consider your thoughtful ideas to improve our University community. This call for proposals is only one next step in the Race, Bias and Equity Initiative.

We welcome the expertise and energy of those who already work directly in these areas (e.g. VP for Diversity, Student Success Initiatives, Directors of Student Resource and Cultural Centers, faculty members with relevant expertise, Diversity Coordinators within colleges and units). While individuals may submit proposals, we also encourage any submitter to simply execute their own new and ongoing initiatives within the scope of their current roles.

Please note that both formal proposals and informal ideas are welcome. Please use the following guidelines when preparing your proposal/idea for submission:

  • Submissions will be accepted from current CSU students, faculty, or staff members;
  • Submissions can be based on ideas that have been implemented successfully elsewhere and/or build upon current and/or past CSU efforts; please cite the source of the idea you wish us to consider adopting/adapting at CSU;
  • Various media and formats are accepted (PowerPoint, narrative essay, video link, etc.) to address the submission requirements. All proposals, regardless of format, should be submitted through this link. Proposals will be reviewed by a diverse group of students, faculty and staff from across our campus community.

Provide the following information in your submission:

  • Synopsis: Include a brief summary of your proposal/idea
  • Full Description/Goals: Provide a full description of the proposal, including goals
  • Accountability: Address how progress will be measured and results/findings reported
  • Issues Addressed: Explain the focus of your proposal and what you believe could be changed through your proposal
  • Timeline: Include a proposal timeline: please note both short-term and long-term proposals will be considered
  • Implementation: Provide a plan for implementation of your proposal
  • Target Audience: Identify the reach of your proposal and intended/targeted CSU audience: will it impact a small group, specific community, all students, or the entire campus community?
  • Costs: Estimate the approximate cost to implement your idea (please include any specific budget numbers that you have available to you)
  • Collaborators: Include information about individuals/organizations involved in creating your proposal
  • Letters of support: Up to three letters of support are welcome but not required: e.g. Chair/Dean, Student Org Advisor, faculty or staff member, supervisor, etc.