Connecting student affairs, academics, and diversity

RBEI is led by three co-chairs, specifically connecting the divisions of student affairs, academics, and diversity, and an additional seven Executive Leadership Team members. This leadership group is called the RBEI Council. 

Under the leadership of RBEI Council, the Initiative serves as an institutional hub for diversity work, centered on establishing equity-focused policies, processes, and practices through the institutional authority of the administrators serving on the leadership team.

Blanche Hughes

Blanche Hughes

RBEI Co-Chair

Vice President for Student Affairs

Headshot of Mary Pedersen

Mary Pedersen

RBEI Co-Chair

Provost and Executive Vice President

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Kauline Cipriani

RBEI Co-Chair

Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion

(starting August 2, 2021)

RBEI Leadership Team 2019–2020

During first year of the Race, Bias, and Equity Initiative, a team of university administrators and staff came together to lead the proposal review process – a staple element of RBEI’s beginnings. The proposal team convened over 60 additional CSU staff, students, and faculty to review nearly 150 submitted proposals. 

The year one leadership team of RBEI included Blanche Hughes (chair), Mary Ontiveros (co-chair beginning April 2020), Albert Bimper, Ryan Barone, Ann Claycomb, Pam Jackson, Laura Jense, Rick Miranda, Diana Prieto, Jessica Salazar, Kathy Sisneros, D-L Stewart, and Leslie Taylor. We thank this critical group of leaders for their energy and support of RBEI.

Jessica Salazar

Associate Legal Counsel

Jessica joined for the Office of General Counsel in April 2019 as an Associate Legal Counsel. Immediately prior to joining the OGC, Jessica served as First Assistant Attorney General leading the Higher Education Unit at the Colorado Attorney General’s Office. Additionally, she served as an Assistant Attorney General in the Education Unit and Research Counsel for the University of Colorado Boulder. Jessica earned her B.S. in Psychology from Colorado State University, her M.S. in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Colorado State University, and her J.D. from the University of Colorado School of Law.