Colorado State University is committed to the transparency and accountability of the Race, Bias, and Equity Initiative and is pleased to enumerate some of the events, specific steps taken, and commitments made under the auspices of the Initiative since its announcement in September 2019.

September 2019

  • The Office of the Provost committed all academic units across campus to participate in the Colorado Department of Higher Education Equity Toolkit, a series of online modules designed to help faculty members better address racism, bias, equity, and related issues in their classrooms
  • President McConnell gave a direct charge to the President’s Executive Leadership Team to develop three programs or initiatives in their units that would address systemic racism, bias and/or equity issues
  • President McConnell charged the ELT to conduct an internal audit of their units to identify areas of concern per race, bias or equity issues among faculty, staff and/or students
  • The Vice President for Diversity’s office hosted and facilitated discussions with faculty and staff around race, bias and equity issues. (Several dates in Fall 2019)

October 2019

  • President McConnell hosted a candid discussion with Jewish student and faculty leadership on campus
  • The Diversity Symposium and campus-wide event planners responded to this initiative to allow various campus groups to address race, bias and equity issues directly and generally, and in their constituencies specifically
  • Blanche Hughes, vice president for student affairs, was appointed by President Joyce McConnell to lead the Race, Bias, and Equity Initiative.
  • A call for proposals was made for RBEI submissions

November 2019

  • Theo Wilson, an NAACP speaker, poet, and activist who publicly criticized CSU for our response to recent incidents of racism on campus, was invited to campus. Mr. Wilson spoke publicly at the Lory Student Center
  • President McConnell hosted an open forum for students

December 2019

January 2020

  • RBEI proposal rubric developed by members of the Core Team and reviewed by the full Core Team. The rubric was designed to allow for both quantitative and qualitative evaluations of the merits of each proposal as measured against the stated RBEI goals
  • Nine RBEI working groups were established, with over 65 faculty and staff across campus, to review the proposals submitted by December 31st
  • Two student interns joined the RBEI efforts helping with student outreach and input

February 2020

  • Half-day retreat held for working groups on February 11 to discuss the proposals
  • RBEI 12/31/19 proposals by numbers
    • 116 proposals reviewed by the working groups
    • 51 student proposals
    • 65 faculty/staff proposals
    • All 8 colleges represented
  • Proposal themes emerged:
    • Trainings and professional development
    • Staffing, human resources, and office structure(s)
    • Events, activities, art exhibits, and speakers
    • Classroom (practices, resources, etc.)
    • Educational campaigns
    • Other (including supporting current initiatives)
  • Student proposals were reviewed by one consistent working group and were not compared to proposals submitted by faculty and staff
  • President McConnell visits with the Core Team for a check-in

March 2020

  • All those who submitted a proposal by the December 31st review date received an email communicating proposals were in the review process
  • Student feedback sessions conducted before spring break (additional sessions to be scheduled):
    • Creating Respect, Educating Wellness, for & by, Students (CREWS)
    • Hillel
    • Multicultural Greek Council (MGC)
    • National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC)
    • President’s Multicultural Student Advisory Committee (PMSAC)
    • Residence Hall Association (RHA)
    • Residence Life
    • Student Diversity Programs & Services student forum
  • Core Team met before spring break to discuss proposals to move into action this semester and next steps in the RBEI process
  • CSU_RBEI Twitter account established for more robust communication efforts

April 2020

  • Mary Ontiveros, vice president for diversity, was appointed by President Joyce McConnell to co-chair the Race, Bias, and Equity Initiative

May 2020

  • RBEI announces the selected proposal themes and next steps for all submitted ideas in a university-wide message
  • Work begins on several new online communication resources for diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives at CSU

June 2020

  • RBEI co-chairs meet with three proposal author teams that relate to the selected themes to begin discussing next steps
  • RBEI Proposal Core Team has its final meeting and President Joyce McConnell attends to share gratitude for their work on the proposal process
  • RBEI co-chairs continue meeting with a planning team to create the structure for the next phase of RBEI
  • RBEI launches the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Timeline to share events and milestones related to DEI work at CSU over the past 10 years
July 2020
  • RBEI co-chairs meet with proposal author teams to continue planning next steps
  • RBEI co-chairs present a new RBEI structure to President McConnell for input and final approval
  • RBEI launches the Student Demands page to serve as a hub for updates and information related to CSU’s work in response to DEI student demands

August 2020

  • An RBEI budget for 2020-2021 is approved by President McConnell’s office to support the work of the selected proposal themes
  • RBEI co-chairs meet with CSU’s new provost, Mary Pederson, to collaborate on goals and future directions of the initiative
  • Mary Pedersen officially joins RBEI as the third and final co-chair, connecting academic, student affairs, and diversity

September 2020

  • Invitations are sent to seven Executive Leadership Team members to serve on the new RBEI Council and all seven individuals accept
  • RBEI co-chairs meet several times to finalize plans for a new structure connecting diversity, equity, and inclusion work at CSU
  • Co-chair invitations are sent and accepted for the Commission on Diversity and Inclusion and the Equity and Inclusion Network, both of which are housed within the Office of the Vice President for Diversity and are key pieces to the new RBEI structure
  • A university announcement regarding the new structure is created and planned for release on October 1
  • RBEI co-chairs begin planning an Orientation for all diversity, equity, and inclusion university-wide committees and working group co-chairs, to be held Friday, October 2

October 2020

  • Race, Bias, and Equity Initiative share new structure changes in a university announcement, including a Source story and social media campaign
  • RBEI Co-chairs host an RBEI Orientation on October 2nd for co-chairs of the Commission for Diversity and Inclusion, Equity and Inclusion Network, (co-)chairs of the Presidential working groups, and the chairs of the faculty and employee councils, to share the new structure
  • The newly formed RBEI Council begins bi-weekly meetings
  • RBEI Co-chairs host an RBEI Townhall during the 2020 Diversity Symposium, with over 300 attendees

November 2020

  • RBEI Council continued to hold bi-weekly meetings to discuss current DEI efforts and future steps for the Initiative

December 2020

  • RBEI Council continued to hold bi-weekly meetings to discuss current DEI efforts and future steps for the Initiative
  • RBEI Council held a virtual retreat over December 8–10 to gather information from partners and community members. Sessions included:
    • Listening sessions with students, faculty, and staff representing a sampling of DEI-focused groups
    • Meetings with the three selected proposal groups for updates on progress, challenges, and needs moving forward
    • Meetings with all Presidential Group Co-Chairs to discuss their work as it relates to DEI
    • RBEI Council discussions to frame goals for 2021 based on the input and feedback from the various groups 
  • RBEI Co-chair and Vice President for Diversity, Mary Ontiveros, retires on December 31

January 2021

  • RBEI co-chairs welcome Roe Bubar, interim Vice President for Diversity, as the new RBEI co-chair during the first planning meeting of 2021 the week of January 4th
  • RBEI Council meets with the leaders of the EverFi Diversity Module for an update on the current rollout and how RBEI can support

February 2021

  • RBEI Council meets with the tri-chairs of the Commission for Diversity and Inclusion to discuss two areas of focus for CDI’s subcommittees: Translation and interpretation and Pronoun inclusion
  • RBEI co-chairs meet with President Joyce McConnell to discuss the current needs and potential new focus areas for RBEI, based on feedback from listening sessions and meetings from December, January, and February
  • RBEI releases the first of three articles updating the university on the work of the selected proposal themes